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Interpersonal Trauma Series

Interpersonal Trauma Options for Care

While PTS is event-related trauma, Interpersonal Trauma occurs between individuals. Sexual trauma and childhood trauma are examples of Interpersonal Trauma. Healing Warriors Program does not provide counseling therapy. Instead, we focus on the trauma by working with the body’s response to the trauma, for example, pain, severe anxiety, etc. This series includes individualized home self-care tools including guided imagery and tools for restoration. Healing Warriors Program recommends that clients in this series are also participating in mental health counseling support and can provide veteran resources for free or low cost care, such as the Veterans Center, the VA Chaplain office, Give an Hour, Cohen Center and more.

What to Expect

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked to update your medical history and do a brief review of your current disruptions with sleep, anxiety, etc. based on your personal goals. Your practitioner will review the coming 6 weeks of care and will provide you with home self care materials set for wellness and comfort.

You will then lay on a therapy table, fully clothed. The treatment lasts approximately 45-50 minutes.  If at any time during your care, you experience any discomfort, please let your practitioner know so that they can adjust your position or care.

Your treatment session will include Guided Imagery and may include 3 -6 minutes with the tonal therapy system . You may fall asleep while receiving care. This is common and your practitioner will awaken you when the session is over.


All service members receive a grant for the 6-session clinic series and 2 followups at no charge. Additional series are available at a deeply discounted rate for the 6-session treatment series. Market value for this package is $925.


Belleruth Naparstek’s Guided Imagery meditation is used in the Sleep Series treatment. Healing Warriors Program will provide Guided Imagery for home self care.

The Non-narcotic Interpersonal Trauma Series is made possible through a grant from the Elevations Foundation.


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