The purpose of the Healing Warriors Program Healing Touch Internship is to provide an opportunity for our service members to receive the 6-treatment series Post Traumatic Stress protocol as defined in the Scripps/Camp Pendleton study and currently being piloted at the Oklahoma City VA.

This program will also enable Healing Touch apprentices to gain valuable experience in working with our Service Member community and the challenges they face with PTS, while receiving support for fulfillment of certification requirements.

Internships are open to:
• Healing Touch apprentices who have successfully completed Level 4
• Have completed 50 out of the 100 required sessions for Certification
• Are working with a qualified Mentor
• Have Personal Liability insurance
• Letter of Recommendation from their Mentor
• Will uphold HT protocol standards and demonstrate professional demeanor and comportment
• Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in Chakra Connection, Mind Clearing and Chakra Spread techniques without looking at reference materials

Interns are expected to commit to a 3 month relationship with HWP consisting of approximately 16 hours a month at the Healing Warriors Program clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. Interns will report to the Healing Warriors Program, Director of Healing Touch, Jackie Cooper, who will provide oversight and support. Jackie is an HTCP, and has completed the Mentor training program.

Please contact: Jackie Cooper at 970-776-VETS (8387) for more information.120913-Z-WA217-104

Interns will provide Healing Touch sessions to Healing Warriors Program veteran clients.
Practitioners will utilize specific HT techniques in accordance with the Healing Touch with Guided Imagery for PTSD in Returning Active Duty Military; A Randomized Controlled Trial

  • Chakra Connection (involving techniques used along the body, intended to stimulate movement of vital energy through the body)
  • Mind Clearing (techniques performed on the head, intended to stimulate mental relaxation), and
  • Chakra Spread intended to promote deep healing for emotional and/or physical pain.

Participants will receive Healing Touch twice a week for 3 weeks.

Each session will be of 1 hour’s duration and consists of the participant lying fully clothed on a massage table while the practitioner provides HT.

Reference 1016 MILITARY MEDICINE, Vol. 177, September 2012 HT+GI for PTSD in Returning Military